The maths of saving with the VOLT MATE.

I bet you thought you'd never use high school mathematics after you left huh?

You thought wrong. Very wrong.

We've approached this step by step to show you how much you could save on your commute in just as little as a year.

Liam spent $3212.91 to drive to work and Jason spent $2103.66 on public transport.

A Volt MATE costs only $899, commutes with the Volt MATE are (obviously,) free.

Hence Liam saved $3212.91 - $899 = $2313.91 in one year.

AND Jason saved $2103.66 - $899 = $1204.66 (also in one year if we're not clear enough.)

now in Liams's case, an extra $2313.91 a year equates to $11,569.55 in five years, and a whopping $23,139.10 in ten years.

An extra $23k in the pockets sounds alright. It all adds up.

You can do it too. Join the #ElectricRevolution with the Volt MATE and start saving today!

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