The year was 2015.
The iPhone 6S just came out and Adele is number 1 on the charts. While most of the world wasted their time dreaming of hoverboard-mounted lasers, joining wild pyramid schemes and googling Caitlyn Jenner, three mates from Brisbane spurned these distractions and turned their youthful, entrepreneurial beards toward the thing they loved the most – a solid, uninterrupted morning commmute. 
Jason, Liam and Alex were their names and moving around was – lucky for us – their game.
Perhaps inspired by the impending release of Furious 7, the trio decided to up the ante on their adventuring and set off for the ultimate urban joyride. Forgoing the comfort of an air-conditioned car stuck in peak hour traffic, they modified an old road bike and filled it full of 'tech', a handful of aviator sunglasses and a few cans of beer. It was to be the greatest road trip since that one time they drove all the way to Sydney and back. At some point during the trip, Jason took off his flap-back sunhat and put on his iconic sombrero.
"Hang on", they said, their mouths only just visible beneath their robust facial hair, "could this type of commuting be something others would be interested in?" 
Yep, the trio had seemingly stumbled upon the holy grail of modern commutes - ELECTRIC VEHICLES. They thought it was an ELECTRIC idea and thankfully their attention spans were longer than their tiny shorts. Volt was formed not long after. The rest, as they say, is history.
Today, Volt's factories can churn out over 250 vehicles a day and rocket them across the globe. They employ more than 300 staff worldwide (many of whom don’t even have beards).
Ready for a commute you'll love as much as we did? Join the #ElectricRevolution with us and ride away into the sunset,